Jungle Safari


Welcome to the Jim Corbett Experience.

Jim Corbett Experience is our endeavour to help bring back the same era of the famous naturalist, hunter turned conservationist Jim Corbett’s life as he would have experienced in the days of the British Raj.

Our destination lies in the close proximity of the largest wild life conservation park of India “Corbett National Park” however our sites are more towards the rural parts of the reserve such as Pawalgarh, Kyari, Mohan, Kaladhungi, Sitabani Range (or popularly known as Corbett Landscape) where the people still inherently are traditional and the village life can still be experienced

As you tread the offbeat path we take you to a world of inherent Kumaoni village home stays and farm stays, camping sites and organic farms each to facilitate your sense of being and to give you feel of rural life in India, the money that we generate from this would help us in making this a sustained effort to improve the life and conservation effort of the locals there

So come rejuvenate that ailing spirit, that traveller in you, that lover of mother nature who wants to get away from it all……

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