Home Stays, Village Stays and Camping

foods vwalk1As followers of the hunter turned conservationist Colonel Jim Corbett, we like to promote the simple yet stimulating life of the villages and farms that we offer as offbeat destinations. This is a chance for you not only to meet with the locals but also get a firsthand experience of rural India

How we do this you ask…. Well we offer you to stay with the family interact with them get to know their part of the world and how they deal with their day to day lives….

Lend a helping hand, take a trek, and go savour the local delicacies or just gaze at the stars, take back stories of the jungle, of its people for all your friends and family

There is nothing quite as stimulating as the confidence a person gets from travelling solo. The travelling alone `thought may not appeal to everyone but we do encourage it from time to time as our founder says “there is no experience of travel, if it’s not done alone”

You make friends, take the wrong turns, but, just knowing that you have someone to put you back on track is what we are so good at achieving ….

At the end of it you would love to be a genuine explorer of the forests